A nonprofit dedicated to inspiring high schoolers to do cool things with AI.

About HAIL

The High School AI Lab is a nonprofit organization comprised of high school technology enthusiasts who want to change the world through AI. We hold weekly online meetings to discuss algorithms and relevant trends in AI, host introductory tutorials for beginners in AI, and run our own bold projects such as lung cancer detection programs. We want to show the world that AI isn’t just for experts with degrees — it’s for everyone with the ambition to learn.

Taking AI by storm

We keep up with cutting-edge algorithms, research, projects, and companies, and create our own through projects such as lung cancer detection, NLP study apps, and many more.

Making AI accessible

Through tutorials and introductory lectures, we introduce beginners to the world of AI, providing an inclusive community for everyone to start learning.

Meeting Schedule

We meet through Google Hangouts every week on Saturday at 2pm PST. Join the Skype group here for regular updates on meeting times. We're also looking for speakers (high schoolers or otherwise) to give talks on topics related to AI at our online meetings! If you're interested, fill out a proposal and we'll get back to you soon.

Our Projects

At HAIL, we run several projects ranging from machine learning tutorials to in-person conferences.

AI Study Group

We meet every Saturday to discuss important topics in AI, review code, and brainstorm project ideas. See Meetings for more information on dates and topics.

HAILCon 2017

We're planning an in-person AI conference in March with guest speakers and research presentations galore -- stay tuned for updates!

Translating TensorFlow tutorials

Professor Sung Kim from HKUST has made a series of deep learning tutorials that have been incredibly popular in the Korean AI community. A few HAIL members are working to translate these tutorials into English.


Contact HAIL at highschoolailab@gmail.com.